A1.1. Preparation of inoculum for the bioleaching cultivation experiments.

16 Oktoober 2020 A1. Feasibility study. 158 Views
Figure 1a
Before placing into the bioleaching experiment, the Inoculum CELMS No EEUT ARGCON5 is pre-cultivated in test tubes in a thermostated shaker at t=37°C.
Photo by S. Sipp Kulli.


After pre-cultivation the remarkable haze in test tubes with inoculum demonstrates the growth of bacteria.
Photo by S. Sipp Kulli.


Figure 1c
The BiotaTec coworkers of Kärt Ukkivi, MSc and Anne Menert, PhD are examining the quality of inoculum CELMS No EEUT ARGCON5. The Inoculum has grown up and is ready to be added to the non-metallic fraction of PCBs of WEEE.
Photo by S. Sipp Kulli.