B2.2. Pilot building and installation.

13 Juuni 2021 B2. Pilot building and operation. 71 Views

The development of a 50 L prototype for bioleaching operations of the non-metallic fraction of PCBs after mechanical treatment by the microorganisms Acidithiobacillus ferroxidans was carried out.


50 L prototype built for BIOTAWEE Project.


The prototype consists on the following equipment to control the operating conditions during bioleaching:


- pH analyzer that will facilitate both the supervision of the evolution of the pH of the reaction and also the possibility to the pH at a constant value.

- Stirring controller + aerated rod for controlled agitation that does not hinder the evolution of microorganisms and also incorporates aeration in the rod to improve air recirculation for the benefit of the aerobic reactions that take place.

- T controller that allows us a precise control which is of great importance for the reactions and survival of microorganisms.