B2.2. Pilot building and installation.

16 Oktoober 2020 B2. Pilot building and operation. 197 Views

The design of the required technology to reproduce the process has been carried out, increasing the scale to a capacity of 50L. Providers have been contacted and the revision of bids is nearly completed.

Design of the required technology for the 50 L reactor.


In the meantime, the revision of the laboratory material needed for the test has been performed. Before starting the test on a 50L reactor, the consortium has to be previously adapted to the PCB in flasks of 250ml, increasing the volume progressively, being the previous volume to the 50L-reactor a 10L-reactor already owned by INATEC. This reactor, equipped with sensors and agitation, has been checked and the reagents and material required for working with microorganisms have been listed.


Test performed in the 10 L reactor in order to check the performance.