First visit of the external monitor of NEEMO to the LIFE BIOTAWEE project

On 18th June 2019, the first official technical and financial meeting to monitor the LIFE BIOTAWEE project (LIFE2017-ENV/ES000216) took place at the facilities of Otua Group in Legutio, Spain. This meeting was attended by the integrating partners of the consortium, REYDESA and BIOTATEC, as well as the expert monitor of the NEEMO team, the company that assists the European Commission in the monitoring of the LIFE + projects.

The follow-up meeting started with a general presentation of the project, as well as the objectives and a general overview of the meeting schedule. Consecutively, each partner explained the results and progress made during the first year of the execution of the LIFE BIOTAWEE project actions for which they are responsible, as well as the main results obtained to date. Once the technical part was finished, the revision of administrative and financial data of their organisations in relation to the project took place. And finally, the last part of the meeting consisted on a visit to REYDESA facilities site where the industrial process and the activities carried out were explained in situ.