BIOTATEC organised an online / local seminar on electronic waste recycling management in Tartu, and participated with the presentation “Project BiotaWee and urban mining in the lab”


On December 10, 2021, BiotaTec OÜ organized an online/ local seminar in Tartu on electronic waste management. Anne Menert, from BIOTATEC / University of Tartu presented the project activities performed by BIOTATEC, action A1 and B1, including an introduction of the project and the explanation of the main conclusions that were extracted from the work performed.

The seminar was opened by Sirli Sipp Kulli, Member of the Management Board of BiotaTec OÜ. This was followed by a presentation from Krista Kupits, a representative of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, who introduced suitable European Union support programs and relevant legislation to promote e-waste management. Recognized waste management expert Peeter Eek gave an overview of the developments that have taken place during the past 20 years in the implementation of the European Union Waste Management Directive in Estonia. One of the speakers was Artur Sagarov, a graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, who has actively entered the start-up world of electronic waste companies. The last presentation was given by Hans Talgre, CEO of WeeRec OÜ, the largest electronic waste management company in Estonia, who pointed out the opportunities and shortcomings of bioleaching and gave a broad-based view of e-waste management in Estonia.

The recording of the seminar and the slides of the presentations can be found on the following link